How to Quickly Clean Any Vehicle in Just Minutes

Cleaning your vehicle in minutes is a breeze if you know the simple steps. Here is how to get your vehicle looking clean again when time is a premium.

Spray the exterior of the vehicle with the hose so all the dirt and debris is washed away. Wet a clean cloth with a polishing cleaner, and run it over the car fast. drive the car to allow wind to remove water droplets before they have the chance to stain the paint surface. 

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Simple and Effective Back to School Carpool Tips

Take the time today to create a few simple carpool rules to ensure everyone has a safe time this school session. One of the easiest ways to keep both kids and parents on the same page is to simply let one parent be in charge of driving the kids on the same day of the week. Not only will parents have an easier time knowing which day is theirs, the kids will get in the habit quickly of realizing which parent has them certain days of the week. 

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What to Consider When Planning a Road Trip

Going on a road trip can be a fun and affordable experience. However, you will want to make sure that you plan both your route and your budget ahead of time. The budget should include money for gas, food and shelter. It should also account for the cost of a car inspection prior to the trip.

There are many online resources that allow you to plan your trip in the most efficient way possible. However, don't be afraid to stop if you see something interesting that wasn't on the map. While making good time should be a priority…

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Learn How to Use a Roof Rack

A roof rack can be a big help when traveling. They hold a lot of stuff, leaving more room inside for your passengers. However, it is important to use the roof rack properly. Check your vehicle's maximum roof weight load before installing the roof rack and loading it.

If you're loading a big item, such as a canoe or a kayak, be sure to tie it down in the front and back. Failing to tie it in these locations could result in considerable wind drag, and the item could even fall off the rack. 

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Should You Consider Buying a New Truck?

Here at Rock Road Auto Plaza, we wanted to help educate our audience as to all the reasons you should consider getting a new truck this year.

The new truck is able to do many things you couldn't do in a car. The large bed can easily handle hauling several tons of merchandise, while the towing hitch allows for pulling a trailer or camper with ease. The steel construction is designed to handle moving items or people with no trouble easily.

Your new truck is also able to make its way on the road in a number of conditions…

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Should You Get Your Vehicle Detailed More Often?

Even though the vehicle looks clean, there may be things going on that are taking away from the value of your investment. Consider these reasons to getting your vehicle detailed at least once a week.

The longer that you go between detailing, the more the dirt on the surface of the car is mixing with rain and acting like sandpaper to the surface. Those little scratches will become more evident as you skip the detailing each week.

Once you finish detailing, your mirrors and windows are polished clean and you can easily see on the road. This will improve your…

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Why Have Your Vehicle Lifted?

We've all seen the "monster" trucks that sit higher up from the road than their contemporaries. We may admire or wonder at the sight, but do we know why someone would have a lifted vehicle or what the advantages or disadvantages may be?

By using a lift kit, automobile owners can lift the body of the vehicle higher than normal. This enables the driver to see more of the road and allows other drivers a better view of you. You can place bigger tires on your vehicle for better traction. Towing is easier, as the load will not cause…

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What You Should Know about Gaskets

Your vehicle houses a wide range of gases, chemicals, and other fluids that circulate throughout the automobile when the engine is running. These substances need to stay separated, or it could result in a dangerous situation. Gaskets are used to keep these substances from escaping and mixing. To learn about gaskets, read further.

Your automobile has numerous gaskets that are designed to exact measurement specifications to effectively bond two or more surfaces, which is what keeps the fluids from mixing. Gaskets are durable and typically last a long time, but they will need to be...

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Some Common Motor Oil Myths Debunked

The bane of an informed car owner's existence are myths about your car that keep you from getting the most out of it. That is why our experienced team here at Rock Road Auto Plaza want to debunk some of the most common myths related to motor oil that has been circulating lately.

The first is that if your motor oil is black, it always needs to be changed immediately. This is false and could end up costing you some serious money if you were to abide by it. Instead, go based off of what it says in the…

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Stay Up-to-Date with Your Headlights

You might not have considered it, but there tends to be more to your headlights than what meets the eye. Some vehicles use glass headlamps, which was established as a material of preference for protecting the inner workings of headlights in the earlier decades of the mainstream automotive industry. The glass was impervious to the elements and allowed light to stream through to light the way. As driving increased, manufacturers learned the art of molding glass to focus light efficiently, thus increasing applied candlepower to the place needed without increasing the amount of power used.

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