Hatchbacks Make Errands Easier

The hatchback is a favorite design feature in the US and around the world. Car owners see the advantages of a compact vehicle with a large interior storage area. The hatchback goes from passenger seating to cargo space in minutes. The hatch door lends a distinctive style to the hatchback vehicle, and the cargo space is much larger than a comparable sedan. When you want a change, hatchbacks have excellent resale value.

St. Louis drivers appreciate the convenience of doing errands in a hatchback. They enjoy the freedom to convert between seating and cargo space quickly. They notice the ease of access to the storage area through the lift-up hatch door.

At Rock Road Auto Plaza, we think that the best way to experience the benefits of the hatchback design is to get behind the wheel. We invite you to come by our location and take a test drive in your favorite hatchback models.

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