Why Have Your Vehicle Lifted?

We've all seen the "monster" trucks that sit higher up from the road than their contemporaries. We may admire or wonder at the sight, but do we know why someone would have a lifted vehicle or what the advantages or disadvantages may be?

By using a lift kit, automobile owners can lift the body of the vehicle higher than normal. This enables the driver to see more of the road and allows other drivers a better view of you. You can place bigger tires on your vehicle for better traction. Towing is easier, as the load will not cause the vehicle to lower as much. Some disadvantages of having a lifted vehicle are that the gas mileage is poorer and chances of a rollover are higher.

If you are concerned about proper installation or already have a lift kit installed, bring your automobile in to Rock Road Auto Plaza. We will carefully examine your vehicle for possible installation problems for installed kits, and if you are thinking about one, we can provide information about the procedure.



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