Should You Get Your Vehicle Detailed More Often?

Even though the vehicle looks clean, there may be things going on that are taking away from the value of your investment. Consider these reasons to getting your vehicle detailed at least once a week.

The longer that you go between detailing, the more the dirt on the surface of the car is mixing with rain and acting like sandpaper to the surface. Those little scratches will become more evident as you skip the detailing each week.

Once you finish detailing, your mirrors and windows are polished clean and you can easily see on the road. This will improve your safety and every vehicle that is in your sights. The bird droppings and tree sap remaining on the surface of the car each week are beginning to each away at the paint.

Now you see why it is so important to keep the surface of the car as clean as possible, come by Rock Road Auto Plaza for serving to protect the moving parts as well.



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