Know Which Drivetrain is Right for You in St. Louis

Do you know what drivetrain you have? If you have a sedan, it's most likely a front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD). However, you could also have an all-wheel drive (AWD), particularly if you have a high-end vehicle or purchased a vehicle from a dealer in northern climates.

The obvious differences between FWD and RWD are the power of placement and driving experience. In FWD, all of the power and vehicle mass is placed on the front wheels. This means that your car is pulled down the road. However, with RWD you get the opposite. The power is placed on the back end, and your vehicle is pushed down the road. Most muscle cars have RWD for that reason.

However, driving on slippery roads is better with FWD or AWD. You can always get winter tires to handle slippery roads if you have a RWD vehicle. If you need help understanding your drivetrain or have drivetrain issues, you can talk to the service center at Rock Road Auto Plaza.

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