Stay Up-to-Date with Your Headlights

You might not have considered it, but there tends to be more to your headlights than what meets the eye. Some vehicles use glass headlamps, which was established as a material of preference for protecting the inner workings of headlights in the earlier decades of the mainstream automotive industry. The glass was impervious to the elements and allowed light to stream through to light the way. As driving increased, manufacturers learned the art of molding glass to focus light efficiently, thus increasing applied candlepower to the place needed without increasing the amount of power used.

However, glass headlights are no longer as practical as they once were. The disadvantages of using glass headlights are typically threefold. First, glass tends to chip and break allowing humidity into the light chamber. Second, glass is heavy and rigid. Third, glass does not flex so that over time, the seals around the headlight will erode due to the pressures placed on them by the rigidity of the heavier glass.

Bring your vehicle to our showroom at Rock Road Auto Plaza to discuss the possibility of changing glass headlights for plastic headlights.

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